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Our company is a family specialized in production of traditional Greek cheeses and especially Feta and Gravure cheese for four generations at least.

In 2008 the new member of our family Nikos takes the presidency of the company and willingly modernized it and changed the traditional cheese dairy in a vertically organized unity of cheese made products In this pioneer cheese made unity Tsatsoulis family, having applied their knowledge, their experience and their secrets of the previous generation, combined together modern equipment, managed and made a series of qualitative cheese, unique in taste.

The company applies certified systems of safeguarding products, quality, HACCP and ISO, so as its products to satisfy the specs according to the Greek legislature system and the prerequisites that European Community has established.

In this place, the cheese variety, produced inside the company by exclusively pure fresh sheep's and goats milk of livestock is:

   Feta (P.0.0.) cheese flom BYTINA

   Gravure hard cheese from BYTINA

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